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Your challenge is tough to realize?

We pour it into a form!

From Molding to a perfect final product.

We manufacture with versatile, efficient and state of the art machinery. Our enterprise invests in ultramodern Technologies at regular intervals to meet the rising requirements and challenges. Thus we always offer the best and most efficient solutions for our clients.

  • production of forms with a total weight up to 25 to
  • most modern High Speed milling machines for finishing
  • top plates for 360° all arround conditioning
  • ultramodern CAD- software, covering the process from Design & Construction to tool finishing
  • graphite milling machines
  • deep hole drilling machines
  • 5 axis CNC machine with maxmial dimensions of 3,4m x 2,4m
  • eroding center for: low hole, die sinking EDM and wire cut EDM
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